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Kasel has chalked up an impressive track record in a whole range of salvage jobs around the world.


• Endah Lestari

When: June 2001
Where: Malaysia

The 750 dwt motor tanker capsized and sank off Pasir Gudang in Johore, Malaysia. Kasel Salvage carried out the discharging of the deadly phenol liquid into a lightering tanker. The Endah Lestari was uprighted and lifted with floating sheerlegs. It was then towed and redelivered to owners in Palembang, Indonesia.
Contract: Lump sum – no cure, no pay.

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• Leuser 


When: January 1998
Where: Indonesia

This 6,000 grt passenger ship sank after a collision on the Mahakam River near Samarinda, Indonesia. It was refloated in 63 days before being towed to P.T. Karimun Sembawang Shipyard (Indonesia).
Contract: Lump sum no cure, no pay with 100-day ceiling.

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Lloyd's List article - Click image for full size version
Click here for text only version of Lloyd's List article May 4, 1998

• Kapitan Shvetsov

When: January 1996
Where: Thailand

The 7,000 dwt motor tanker sank after a collision at the Bar Channel in Bangkok, Thailand.
Contract: Lump sum – no cure, no pay.

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More Salvage Highlights: Asayama Maru 22  


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