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About Kasel Salvage

Company Background
Kasel Salvage was established in Singapore on 12th July 1995 by Carl Rainer Kasel, a seasoned veteran of the salvage and shipping industry. Rainer and his compact team of dedicated experts bring more than 70 years of combined experience in the business into the company.

Rainer Kasel’s maritime roots go down deep and far. His great grandfather sailed from Germany to North America in the 1800s to seek his fortune in California’s gold fields. Eventually, the sea proved irresistible and he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. After serving several years, he was honourably discharged. He then returned to his fatherland where he was promptly called to serve in the German Navy. He later started his own sail-making company.

Rainer Kasel continues this maritime legacy. Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, he started off his career as an apprentice with the local Harbour Division in 1960. In order to expand his opportunities, he joined a shipping line and sailed around the world. His ambitious nature soon led him to pursue another call, one he considered to be the greatest challenge – to be a marine salvor.

In 1967, Rainer joined a major salvage company, Ulrich Harms of Hamburg, and later Smit International. Various jobs with an assortment of salvage operators saw him working on a vast variety of projects around the globe, including Cuba and Argentina. Within a few short years, Rainer attained the status of Salvage Master and later Senior Salvage Master. He continued to amass his world-wide experience and contacts in the business.

Salvindo Towage and Salvage was formed by Rainer Kasel and industry associates in 1987. This company enjoyed tremendous success in its 9 years of operation in South Asia and Pacific Ocean regions, investing heavily into acquiring its own fleet of vessels including tugboats, lift barges and a 400-ton floating sheerlegs, it became a leading salvage operator.

In 1995, Rainer Kasel struck out on his own and this resulted in the formation of Kasel Salvage. He has not looked back since.

Kasel Salvage, the company, best reflects the wealth of experience accumulated over the years by Rainer Kasel who has successfully completed over 200 salvage operations world-wide. He brings these skills and abilities to shipowners, underwriters and P&I clubs. Rainer offers a wide range of services which, besides salvage, includes heavy lift rescue towage, wreck removal, refloating, underwater inspections and surveys, machinery preservation, ship-to-ship transfers and the laying of heavy moorings.

Kasel Salvage has come a long way since it set up operations in Singapore in 1995. Over the years, Kasel Salvage has expanded and invested in4 well-equipped salvage vessels which can immediately be mobilised for all types of casualties. Today, it is the only internationally recognised, privately owned independant salvor in this part of the world.

Kasel Salvage has had to work hard to get to where it is, using ingenuity and creativity to provide cost-effective, time-efficient solutions for its clients. The company has managed to successfully complete technically challenging and demanding jobs. But it is not content to rest on its laurels. Kasel Salvage will continue to invest its time, energy and resources to ensure that it keeps on meeting the needs and expectations of its customers – whose support it does not take for granted.

The company’s dedicated team in Singapore and around the world has the versatility, flexibility, experience, know-how and persistence to provide tailor-made solutions to any job – be it salvage, wreck removal, machinery preservation, oil pollution control or other related projects.


Rainer Kasel
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